It is all over Etsy. These beautiful designs that you can just download, tweak to fit your needs and print. Easy peasy. I discovered them a couple of years ago when I was in charge of decorations at my best friends wedding shower. For a person that procrastinates as much as I do, I don’t know what I did with out them.

Printables have endless uses, daily planners, original and customize able journals, family organization, parties, showers, t-shirts, mugs. Basically anytime on or offline, you want your images or designs to really stand out from others. It is so much easier than creating the whole design yourself, even if you do use Canva.

Quite possibly my favorite use for them is to save time and money running to the store to pick up a holiday card. I personally believe that people still love to send and receive cards in the mail or with a gift. Some cards today can be very pricey. With a good printable you can print a card right at home. Done are the days, of stopping by the store “on the way” to pick up a card. I am working on some designs for this holiday season as well as some affirmation files to help keep you on track.